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Make Your Own JAMU Turmeric Elixir / JAMU Kurkuma-Elixier selbstgemacht

  Herunterscrollen oder hier klicken für Deutsch   TURMERIC is not only very yellow and found in many Asian curries, it is also known as one of the world’s most healing spices. The little root is anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and plays an important role in modern cancer treatments. For centuries already, …
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Eating Fair, Green and Well in Ubud, Bali (with UBUD CITY GUIDE and MAP)

“Bali is the liver of the universe” says Johnny Sugiharto from Soma Café. He was referring to the liver’s amazing ability to cleanse and regenerate itself and the body. My weeks in Ubud certainly felt like one long detox retreat. I don’t think there is a place in the world …
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Cake Day with Heidi

How often is cake “ok”? After a long hike in the Bavarian mountains I would have a slice of homemade apple cake in the hut at the top, preferably Apfelkuchen or Kirsch-Streusel. Or when visiting someone’s cake baking Mum. But somehow “cake” doesn’t do it for me anymore. White flour, …
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A Lesson in Irrigation and Balinese Cooking

Most cooking classes in South-East Asia start with a visit to the local market to taste typical fruit, veg and spices before heating up woks and steamers. This time our little bus stops in the middle of nowhere and we get out to find ourselves surrounded by lush green rice …
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Bali Spirit Festival or Food and Yoga Part II

The Bali Spirit Festival was one big celebration. 5 days of workshops and classes with teachers and hundreds of yogis from all over the world was a truly magical experience. We shared our stories, laughed, cried, and enjoyed the kindness of the Balinese people, the spirituality of the island, the …
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