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Farmers Markets are for the Crazy Ones / Bauernmärkte sind für die Verrückten

    Herunter scrollen oder hier klicken für DEUTSCH – Scroll down for more pictures Farmers markets are where the crazy ones meet. We walk for miles for fresh organic berries and set our alarm clocks at the crack of dawn for the perfect zucchini blossom. We talk for hours …
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Shopping for Lunch in the Forest

  In Autumn, one of the fun things about living next to a forest is that you can go and “shop” for lunch without needing a penny. Margit, my lovely new friend at Höllbachhof, showed me how to identify the yummiest mushrooms ever: ceps and their “poor relative” the bay …
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How Local is Local? My Five Principles.

  Little did I realize as I lightheadedly declared I would only eat local food for a year that it would be so complicated. Not only today’s global food chain but also centuries of food trading throughout the world make it difficult to really understand how local local is. So …
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Summer Curry with Austrian Apricots, Spinach and Toasted Wholegrain Bread

    Back in Munich, I am having a wonderful time meeting all my friends again. We meet in cafés, go shopping in countryside farmer’s stores and cook comfort food together. Yesterday I made a quick and easy curry for a friend who just came back from a long work …
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10 Ways to Eat Green

“We are looking ahead, as it is one of the first mandates given to us as chiefs, to make sure every decision we make relates to the welfare and well-being of the seventh generation to come. What about the seventh generation? Where are you taking them? What will they have?” …
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