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Going Vegan Again in Goa

Milk and ghee (clarified butter) are central to Indian cooking which makes it challenging to stick to a vegan diet. And we start to forget. We see the “holy” cows wandering through the streets of big cities and rural areas and want to believe the milk used by the friendly …
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50,000 free meals in Amritsar’s Golden Temple

A pile of perfectly round discs of dough flies over my head and at the same time five little soft and warm balls land in front of me with a thud. I am engulfed in a white cloud of flour and look up gasping. Eight men and women laugh with …
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Cooking for a Better World in McLeod Ganj

Chonk! The sound of a heavy cleaver hitting wood and cracking bones made me stop and stare. In a blue wooden hut a man was sitting behind the bloody carcass of an animal the size of a sheep and was chopping it into eatable sized pieces for the elderly woman …
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Watching The Lights and Eating Indian Sweets in Haridwar

After two months of studying yoga in Rishikesh I packed my bags again and celebrated my travel friend Tanja’s birthday with her in Haridwar, known for being one of the four holy cities to host Kumbha Mela, a mass Hindu pilgrim gathering. The next Purna (every 12 years) Kumbha Mela …
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Enjoying an Ashram Picnic in Rishikesh

What exactly is an ashram, I asked Shanti, a young Californian free-thinker, who lives at Parmath Niketan Ashram to serve their leader Swami Chidanand Saraswati in his humanitarian and ecological efforts. Her answer was: ashrams are intentional communities of people following the same goals, in India traditionally around a guru, …
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