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Farmers Markets are for the Crazy Ones / Bauernmärkte sind für die Verrückten

    Herunter scrollen oder hier klicken für DEUTSCH – Scroll down for more pictures Farmers markets are where the crazy ones meet. We walk for miles for fresh organic berries and set our alarm clocks at the crack of dawn for the perfect zucchini blossom. We talk for hours …
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10 Ways to Eat Fair

Eat fair. Eat green. Eat well. Why did I choose these words to describe my vision of FoodCircles? Over the past seven years, eating has become more than just putting fuel into my body, today I can say it is the core of my yoga practice. The food we eat …
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Buying Food Souvenirs in Luang Prabang and Siem Reap

Kashmiri saffron, Ceylon cinnamon, Kampot pepper and Southern Indian cardamom carry price tags to make a chef’s eyes water. We pay extra for them, as we do for luxury brands and “made in Germany”. The tourist markets here in Asia have long recognized this and although spices are not quite worth their …
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Hilltribe Coffee for Breakfast in Chiang Mai

I love coffee. The loud crunching sound of the coffee grinder and the long zishes of the steamer on large Italian espresso machines are the same all over the world. As are the smell of freshly ground roasted coffee beans, the mild taste of a good espresso and the firm …
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