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Chiang Mai: Home Away From Home

Sonpeth market is overflowing with juicy mangoes, passion fruit, and ripe smelly durian. It is July: the best time to visit Chiang Mai. In the old city, backpackers and travelers chill, play guitar, get a massage and take yoga courses. Street food sellers sing a song with their wok and …
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Eating Fair, Green and Well in Chiang Mai (with CHIANG MAI CITY GUIDE)

Scroll down for my fair, green and healthy CHIANG MAI CITY GUIDE (updated 22. Dec 2013) I LOVE Chiang Mai! It must be the vegetarian-health food capital of the world (honestly). After having got rid of some nasty tummy bugs I had brought with me from North India (parasites called …
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Hilltribe Coffee for Breakfast in Chiang Mai

I love coffee. The loud crunching sound of the coffee grinder and the long zishes of the steamer on large Italian espresso machines are the same all over the world. As are the smell of freshly ground roasted coffee beans, the mild taste of a good espresso and the firm …
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Vegan Thai Cooking at May Kaidee’s in Chiang Mai

You can now take a ferry boat from Jinghong in the Chinese province of Yunnan down the Mekong river to Thailand. A few years ago the river was too shallow. The Chinese solved the problem by simply blowing up the rocks that were in the way! In ten hours I …
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