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Cooking Spinach Chapatis and Apple Cinnamon Halva in Rishikesh

From Mumbai I made my way to Rishikesh, known to Westerners as the “yoga capital” of the world but also one of India’s greatest pilgrimage centers, home to many sadhus, holy men who follow the path of renunciation. Swargashram is the area around the Ram Jhula bridge over Ganga, the …
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Chai, Idli and Custard Apples in Maharashtra’s Holy Cities (and Tips for Eating Safe in India)

Maha rashtra means Great Land and is the region around Mumbai, for me one of the most fascinating cities in the world. I came here for a day in 2005 and have always wanted to come back. Harshada Wagner, meditation teacher from New York, was offering a pilgrimage retreat to …
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