Taking a walk with my camera makes me more aware of the little things around me. More aware of sounds and smells as well: where are those bells I am hearing? Where does that smell of freshly cut grass come from in the middle of a city? Or the sizzling sound of fried food? A camera sharpens my senses.

If you are planning a cookbook, a travel guide or need some photos for a website, an e-book or any other project, I will be happy to work with you. Here are some samples of my work. Please send me an email: christina (at)



Food shots taken on the street, in restaurants and while cooking. No styling, no frills, plain yum.

20 Photos


Travel shots from all over the world. European city week-ends, trips to Asia and non-profit work in Kenya.

20 Photos

Religion and Spirituality

Gods and Goddesses, peaceful moments and inspiring beauty. 

20 Photos

Stills, Signs and Stuff

Signs, backgrounds, and anything that catches my eye.

20 Photos



Click here to see my travel albums with impressions of my past year of travel: the Trans-Siberian train journey from Munich to Beijing,  four months of yoga and pilgrimage in India, backpacking through South East Asia with friends and family, and finally the three months in Ubud, Bali where I trained to become a raw chef.


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