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About Christina

Born in The Netherlands and having lived in the British countryside, mega-city Paris and the Bavarian capital Munich, my heart is truly European. A deep passion for Eastern culture and philosophy has led me to live my dream of a nomadic life in Asia to meet inspiring people, eat exotic food and learn.

My view on food, long defined by a childhood in Paris and a working mum, was challenged in 2004 as I discovered the reality about industrialised food production and its effects on social justice, animals, environment and of course, health and happiness. Today, after 5 years of naturopathy and homeopathy studies, I understand food as a deeply personal and powerful way to heal dis-ease, connect with others and yourself and support your life goals. In this blog I share stories, food wisdom and recipes to inspire others to eat fair, green, and well. As a certified nutritionist and raw food chef I also share my knowledge as a personal chef and in lectures and workshops.

The daily practice of yoga and intensive teacher trainings have taught me that simplicity, non-violence and a strong inner relationship to my personal beliefs are the key to a joyful and happy life. In retreats and workshops I mentor individuals, teams and groups to discover their passion and develop a strong practice of self-leadership in the workspace, family or personal life.

My past career as an international marketing, PR and social media leader gifted me with a wealth of expertise that I keep up to date through strong personal interest and am happy to share with self-employed individuals, start-ups or corporations.

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Every day this little voice tells us we should be doing more for ecological sustainability, social justice and our personal well-being. But somehow it falls through the cracks, gets put off until tomorrow and we forget. And yet every day we make decisions that have a massive impact on the ecology, societies and people all over the world and on our health. Every time we shop, cook and eat food we make a difference.

Today is a blog. It is a journal of stories, images and recipes that illustrate the circles and interdependencies in our world‘s food chain that I encounter on my journey. From growing and producing the ingredients to cooking the meal. And back to the earth. I show you the people, the markets and the dishes.. Where your food comes from, how it was prepared and how far it traveled. is also a community of yogis, vegans, athletes, travelers, managers, and anyone wanting to take more responsibility for the food on their plates and their happiness. We are connected in real life and through social media. One day will be more. A foundation, a school, a café… Please stay with me and find out, I look forward to staying in touch.



Unser täglich Brot – German article about organic grain and bread in Yoga Journal Deutschland 04/2011 (PDF, 508 KB)

Alles zur besten Zeit – German article about fair and healthy fruit and vegetables in Yoga Journal Deutschland 05/2011 (PDF, 479 KB)

Mitarbeiter – German bio in Yoga Journal Deutschland 04/2011 (PDF, 131 KB)


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