Raw and Vegan in New York – 40 Things to Do and Places to Eat Fair, Green and Well

New York City Manhattan from Empire State Building

(Sorry, German friends, only in English this time)   On my home from California I just had to stop in New York City – my first time! I asked friends and family old and new for their favourite eating spots and things to do and spent an amazing 5 days …
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Farmers Markets are for the Crazy Ones / Bauernmärkte sind für die Verrückten

Meze Farmers Market May 2014

    Herunter scrollen oder hier klicken für DEUTSCH – Scroll down for more pictures Farmers markets are where the crazy ones meet. We walk for miles for fresh organic berries and set our alarm clocks at the crack of dawn for the perfect zucchini blossom. We talk for hours …
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PHOTO STREAM / FOTOSTRECKE: Food Trucks on First Friday in Venice, LA

First Friday Abott Kinney LA June 2014 2

Every First Friday it gets colorful on Abott Kinney Blvd in Venice, LA. The young crowd, students and beach folks, dress up and come to eat from one or several of the impressive collection of food trucks that line the hipster street every month. Tacos, Asian fusion, hot dogs, lobster, juices, …
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Internationale Klassiker VEGAN – Mein Buch ist da!

Cover Internationale Klassiker Vegan

    Scroll down or click HERE for ENGLISH (Today I start in GERMAN to celebrate my new book!)   Die Sonne scheint in Kalifornien und ich trinke gerade ein Green Smoothie mit Kokosöl bei M.A.K.E. in Santa Monika, dem Gourmet Rohkost-Restaurant mit -Akademie von Matthew Kenney, wo ich vier …
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Spring Nettle Detox at Höllbachhof / Frühlings-Brennnesselkur am Höllbachhof

Nettle Detox Brennnesselkur FoodCircles 5

    Herunter scrollen oder hier klicken für deutsch   We all know what nettles look like. We also all remember the painful sting and burn on our shins and hands from childhood forest walks. The gardeners amongst us know all about them too as they tend to take over …
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