Vegan Recipes from Sweden to India

Healthy food is the same all over the planet: whole grains, fresh fruit and veg and protein from plants or happy animals. But every culture has its own way of preparing it. Let me share the recipes I am gathering on my travels. All recipes are vegetarian/vegan, simply substitute cheese with tofu and use your preferred milk where mentioned.

I will regularly update this list, please click Recipes in the right navigation bar to come back to the latest version if you are looking for ideas. And please share any good ones you have in the comments!

Bread and Breakfast

Spinach Chapati (in PDF)
Thyme Focaccia (makes one tray or 16 large pieces)
Vegetable and Mint Parantha (in PDF)
Wholegrain Rye Buns (makes 35 buns)
Yogi Porridge (in PDF)

Soups and Salads

Garlic Root Vegetable Salad
Horseradish Bean Salad
Miso Soup – Traditional and raw recipes
Orange & Fennel Salad
Pumpkin Hummus
Sayur Urap Bali – Balinese Vegetable Salad with Coconut Dressing


Main Courses

Barley Potato Soup
Cabbage Stir-fry and Mashed Potatoes
Instant Buckwheat with Mushrooms and Onions
Kacang Me Santok Gado Gado – Balinese steamed vegetables in peanut sauce
Kitcheri – India‘s Comfort Food (in PDF)
Palak – Indian Spinach (in PDF)
Spinach Kitcheri (in PDF)
Summer Curry with Apricots and Spinach
Tempeh me Goreng – Balinese sweet tempeh
Vegetable and Bean Curry (in PDF)
Vegetable Kima or Mashed Vegetables with Soja (in PDF)
Wild Garlic Pasta

Sweets and Drinks

Apple and Cinnamon Halva (in PDF)
Fresh Aloe Vera Smoothie (in PDF)
Green Mineral Power Boost Smoothie
Laddus (Indian Sweets)
Masala Chai (in PDF)
Raw Chocolate Pudding
Summer Berry Antioxidant Blast Smoothie
Tarte Fine aux Pommes (Apple Tarte)
Winter “Nutella” Magic Smoothie

Spice Mixes

Cinnamon Masala spice mix (in PDF)
Garam Masala spice mix (in PDF)


Recipe Collections

Healthy Ayurvedic Indian Recipes (PDF 1,3 MB)

RAW Recipes (from my Raw Chef Training with Radiantly Alive in Bali 2012) (PDF 2,3 MB)


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  1. Siobhan

    This is great Christina- i have a vegan coming to visit next year and would not have had a clue what to cook for her. Yet again the Universe delivers just what is needed, just at the right time:-)

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