Spring Nettle Detox at Höllbachhof / Frühlings-Brennnesselkur am Höllbachhof

    Herunter scrollen oder hier klicken für deutsch   We all know what nettles look like. We also all remember the painful sting and burn on our shins and hands from childhood forest walks. The gardeners amongst us know all about them too as they tend to take over …
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Tarte Fine Aux Pommes: A Recipe from the South of France / Ein Rezept aus dem Süden Frankreichs

    Herunter scrollen oder hier klicken für deutsch   A family tragedy has brought me to the beautiful village of Montbazin in the South of France. My loving, vital and artistic step mother left our world very unexpectedly three weeks ago, and my brother and I are staying with …
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Taste The Waste: Eating Trash / Müll essen

From now on, I will be writing foodcircles in English and German. I spend at least half of the year here at Höllbachhof where I meet many wonderful German-speakers interested it eating fair, green and well and so it feels right to share my news, recipes and stories in both …
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What do Frugivores Eat? Interview with Rawsomehealthy.com Authors Yulia & Paul Tarbath + Top 30 Thai Fruit A-Z Guide

(Scroll down for my Top 30 Thai Fruit A to Z Guide)   I am back in Germany. Winter feels wonderful, I am really enjoying the crisp air and getting rosy cheeks from the cold. I feel full of energy, motivated and ready for a fun new year. Food-wise it …
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Are We Following Food Religions? 10 Questions to Find Out.

Is Buddhism a religion, a philosophy or a lifestyle? After participating in Kopan Monastery’s November course on Buddhism I want to answer: all three. For thirty days, 250 people from all over the globe came together to understand the teachings of the Buddha and what they mean for their own …
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